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Forming Solutions

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Booth 2 - Advanced Manufacturing Solutions | Hall 5, C105

19 - 23 January 2024

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Our software portfolio harnesses powerful simulations and innovation to drive sustainable and efficient manufacturing processes, enabling manufacturers to achieve ‘Shift to Zero.

Evaluate and optimise metal forming processes and tooling design, identify and eliminate potential manufacturing defects and maximise tool life.

A portfolio dedicated to optimising manufacturing workflows

HxGN Machine Trainer

HxGN Machine Trainer, developed by Hexagon, is an innovative operator-programmer training method designed for CNC and CMM machines. Utilizing the NCSIMUL intelligent simulation software, it combines software and hardware to create a flight simulator and certification tool for CNC and CMM. The HxGN Machine Trainer offers realistic simulations of 3 to 5-axis milling, Mill-Turn, and CMM machine scenarios, including work offsets, tool offsets for CNC, and measurement routines, as well as collision risks for CMM.


The total CAD/CAM solution for the sheet metal industry. RADAN is the total CAD/CAM solution for the sheet metal industry. Our strength is in providing world class innovative solutions giving you the software applications that are essential to design, manufacture and control production of sheet metal components and products.


Reverse engineering - scan to manufacturing. VISI Reverse is, an intuitive module that can be added to the mould and stamping industry leader VISI application from Hexagon. It combines hybrid modelling CAD functionality with 3D scan data processing abilities, so that users can easily create fully compatible, editable, solid models starting from digitalised/scanned data.


Optimising industrial production. FTI FormingSuite® is a premier software package for sheet metal forming. OEMs and suppliers worldwide use FormingSuite®to optimise the design, feasibility and costing of sheet metal components.


Simulating manufacturing. Virtual manufacturing for the metalworking industry. Simufact software solutions allow you to simulate a wide range of forming, joining processes, as well as metal-based additive manufacturing processes to optimise manufacturing processes, reduce costs and time-to-market, while improving product quality.

Metrology Asset Manager

Metrology Asset Manager is a NEXUS cloud-based application which allows users to Manage a single metrology device or a fleet of metrology devices from the NEXUS platform (web-based dashboard) or from a dedicated mobile app. It helps monitor and receive metrology device health and performance information in real time.


WORKNC is a high-level Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software package that offers a unique combination of robust toolpath reliability and exceptional ease of use. Devised by Sescoi for the 2 to 5 axis high-speed, precision machining of complex surfaces, WorkNC supports a wide range of applications including mold and die, prototype, and production machining. It aims to provide the best possible solutions for all surface machining needs.


ESPRIT CAM is a sophisticated, high-performance, full-spectrum Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system. Developed by DP Technology Corp., it’s tailored for complex machining applications and empowers programmers with features of automatic feature recognition, knowledge-based machining, and highly advanced 2-5 axis milling and turning capabilities. ESPRIT CAM leverages AI and predictive technologies to optimize tool paths for increased efficiency, thus minimizing manual input and reducing production time. Its seamless integrations with popular CAD systems and flexibility with any CNC machine make it an ideal choice for all industries.

Machine tool measurement

Machine tool probes enable the quick installation of workpieces and the setting of zero points. Ongoing advances in sensor and automation technology mean they can go even further in facilitating accurate machine tool production. They also connect to CAD-based measurement software to speed up and simplify the measurement and logging of important geometries and shapes from all sides and on all axes.

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