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Booth 1 - Metrology and Quality Management  |  Hall 3A, Stall B125
| 19 - 23 January 2024

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IMTEX 2024

Creating an end-to-end smart manufacturing workflow for next-gen forming solutions.

Explore solutions that enable manufacturers to access, analyse and actively leverage data from all key stages of the manufacturing process to empower better decision making.

Empowering makers by putting quality at
the centre of the product lifecycle

A portfolio dedicated to optimising manufacturing workflows

Global S

Designed by Pininfarina and powered by the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Enhanced Productivity Series (EPS) concept, GLOBAL S combines smart technologies, including user experience enhancements, advanced software and eco-friendly options to provide measurement solutions with three performance levels: Green, Blue and Chrome; GLOBAL S can also be fully-customised to suit the most challenging production environments.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT960

The flagship of the Absolute Tracker range, offering full 6DoF measuring functionality capable of powering both manual and automated inspection and production systems.


The SmartScan is the ultimate workhorse for 3D optical scanning. Built on a platform of speed, accuracy, portability and flexibility, the SmartScan is the ideal solution for the measurement of complex small-to-medium sized components.

Captura 3.2.2

The Captura range supports multisensor measurements with vision sensors, laser sensors and confocal sensors. Captura’s dynamic machine concept offers high positioning accuracy and is designed for fast measuring point acquisition and high-performance data capture. The CMM runs on Metus measurement software, a Hexagon-developed software.


One-key precision measurement
OPTIV Scope is used across many industries and diverse manufacturing applications, including machinery, electronics, moulds, injection moulding, hardware, rubber, low-voltage electrical appliances, magnetic materials, precision stamping, connectors, terminals, mobile phone accessories, printed circuit boards, medical equipment, watches, tools, etc.

CALIPRI sensors

CALIPRI sensors use advanced laser light sectioning technology with three laser lines projected on the target parts. The CALIPRI sensor captures more data points on a measured profile, resulting in reliable flush and gap analysis based on the entire edge geometry and not upon mathematical extrapolation. The patented technology automatically corrects positioning errors in the pitch and roll axes, eliminating user error from the measurement process. The device’s orientation towards the measured edge is tracked and maintained, making it easy to operate for all flush and gap locations.

Absolute Tracker autonomous scanning

Next generation scanning for large-volume applications with fully
automated laser tracker inspection solutions.


Integrated AI for advanced analysis and forecasting. Software from Q-DAS enables enterprises in a wide range of industries to increase the quality of their products and processes ‐ from planning, data collection and visualisation to statistical evaluation and reporting to meet user’s requirements for the task at hand.

Connected Worker

Overcome challenges facing frontline technicians with our Connected Worker solution! Consisting of easy-to-use mobile apps, Connected Worker provides technicians with easy access to the information they need to do their jobs more effectively, efficiently and safely.


Putting data to work to enable autonomous, connected ecosystems that boost efficiency, productivity, and quality for our customers.